In-house Publications

Our publications played a vital role in advancing the development of the Institute and we were fortunate to have retained the best duo in the business to generate award winning publications.

Joanne and Dianne.jpgBesides the technical excellence of the two principle publications, Joanne and Dianne recognized and executed flawlessly the need to meet both customer  and researcher expectations and,while doing so,  meeting strictly different criteria. Comparison of the annual reports and the newsletters illustrates the skill they brought to their task.

In this period the publication of customer guides, by the Institute, was forbidden.  We were a research institute not a customer support activity – this latter function was  handled so well by Liberty’s 700+ outstanding safety consultants.

The Annual Reports and Newsletters were made unavailable just prior to the closing, however they may be down loaded here:

Annual Reports             Newsletters

AR2000      AR2001   AR2002  AR2003 AR2004 50th     AR2005 

2006  2006  2007 AR    AR 2008   2009  2010

2011    2012  2013  2014  2015  2016



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