Significant Partnerships

As the new model began to become established we formed significant, valued and cherished relationships  both at home and abroad.  The first, and longest partner was the Harvard School of Public Health, (now the Harvard Chan School), a relationship developed with the Chair, Joe Brain and supported by Provost Harvey Feinberg.  Other university partnerships include the University of Massachusetts Lowell, lead by David Keibel and later the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Internationally, while we had many valued relationships, the most significant were  our partnerships in China with the  State Administration of Work SafetyTsinghua, and Fudan Universities and in VietNam with the National Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health.

The success of these partnerships, and they were indeed successful,  should be measured by our collaborations in research and the metric, of course, is the extra-mural, peer reviewed publications with our  colleagues.