LMRIS Austin As the Institute grew the ad hoc research activities were organized into domains with the formation of the Centers.  First, the Center for Disability Research was founded in 1999, then Quantitative Analysis Unit in 2001, which became the Center for Injury Epidemiology in 2006 when the Center for Safety Research was divided into the Center for Physical Ergonomics and the Center for Behavioral Sciences.

We were successful in extending the impact of our research by presentations we made internationally.

A beautiful, and classic, example of the value of a flat management structure coupled with the multidisciplinary approach of talented and motivated  people is shown in the work of Bill Horrey, Mary Lesch, Yulan Liang and others in their development of the program in Driving Research

The rich and wide ranging research was guided by the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index but was ultimately the product of the talent and dedication of an outstanding group of people:

Chang.W.2013  Wen Chang   Pat Pat Dempsey   Krystyna GieloPerczak  

DDS_5935-1 (2)KaiWay Li      Lin Jim Lin            Ram Maikala                

 Ray-PortraitRay McGorry   garyGary Sorock    amandaAmanda Young

This group was joined by collaborating researchers from premier universities around the globe in establishing  a very large and significant body of research findings devoted to reducing the burden of occupational injury