While every organization appreciates recognition, recognition for us was vital to address the “only an insurance company” question.  We worked hard to achieve recognition from the premier organizations in our fields of endeavor.  On almost an annual basis, the work and the researchers of the institute were recognized, both nationally and internationally.

We also did our part in encouraging others research by sponsoring awards of premier research societies.  It was essential for us not to be seen as being involved in the selection, it is amusing to remember the multiple phone calls from the IEA trying to establish the terms of our agreement.. Each time  a revamped from of “rules” were proposed, only to be met with, “but I need an arms length relationship” to be followed by yet another attempt to limit our involvement in the selection.  Finally, IEA understood what arms length meant to us:  NO involvement in the selection!

The Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety Awards we developed were for  published, peer-reviewed studies in professionally significant journals under the auspices of our professional societies.

The business and public media were also generous in reporting what we did and how we succeeded.