Pat Dempsey

PatPatrick G. Dempsey, PhD, CPE

Arriving at the Institute immediately following graduate schools was an exciting time. Carrying out relevant research that would be used in workplaces to make jobs safer and more efficient was ideal for my background and interests. I made every effort to take advantage of the outstanding laboratories, colleagues, relationship with the Loss Prevention field organization, customers and research funding the Institute offered. Following the opportunity to work with one of the stalwarts of the field in graduate school, Dr. M.M. Ayoub, the Institute provide the opportunity to work with Dr. Vincent Ciriello and Dr. Stover Snook. When I arrived, I also found out that Dr. Lex Burdorf was a visiting scholar, and I had studied his research extensively in graduate school. In short, I was the proverbial kid in the candy store.

My research largely focused on manual materials handling and upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders. I also created fairly extensive documents relevant to the field staff. The Insitute also afforded the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding researchers from around the world. Each of these areas is described in a bit more detail below, with the publications that resulted.

Manual Materials Handling Research

The manual materials handling research I was involved in covered a wide gamut of studies, including field and laboratory research. A large project that started as soon as I arrived in Hopkinton was a collaboration with Texas Tech University on the validity of the NIOSH lifting equation. I quickly learned the difference between materials handling in the laboratory and actual workplaces. The research involved numerous collaborators, and I collaborated with Dr. Ram Maikala and Dr. Vinnie Ciriello fairly extensively towards the end of my tenure.

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