KaiWay Li 2002


Dr. Kai Way Li was elected as the 2002 visiting scholar of the LMRIS. Dr. Li was a professor with the Industrial Management at Chung Hua University, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan. For this joint collaborative program, Dr. Li worked three month during the summer in 2002 . DSCF0017He worked with the researchers Wen-Ruey Chang, Yueng-Hsiang Huang, Theodore Courtney, and Alfred Filliagi in a project investigating the risk of slip & fall in fast food restaurants. In this project, Dr. Li collected both friction measurement and workers’ perception of floor slipperiness data from ten western fast food restaurants in Taiwan.  DSCF0015 He, then, worked with the group investigating the risk of slip & fall in another ten fast food restaurants in eastern Massachusetts in the USA. The findings of these investigations have been published in Ergonomics in Design, Applied Ergonomics, and Ergonomics.