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Jia-Hua Lin LMRIS achievements: 2001-2014


Since Dr. Lin joined the Institute in 2001, he published 30 peer-reviewed papers. All but three of the publications were in tier-1 journals. All of the publications resulted from laborious collections of original laboratory data.

In the same period, he made 31 scientific presentations in national and international conferences.

Nature and Scope of Research

Dr. Lin have been interested, and demonstrated his expertise in the human factors, ergonomics, and biomechanics fields by conducting original research projects, publishing in referred journals, delivering professional conference presentations, and giving seminars to university students both domestically and internationally. In addition to research and scientific activities, Dr. Lin have been also responsible for generating technical memorandum and technical knowledge transfer documents for various stakeholders.

His core research interests are in the fields of physical ergonomics, occupational biomechanics, exposure assessment, and anthropometry.  One of his last studies with LMRIS was to examine how configurations of large steering wheels, such as those equipped in trucks, buses, and tractors, affect shoulder joint loadings among drivers. In addition, part of the study also investigated the method and posture effects while turning landing gears of the truck trailers.

His other early projects examined powered hand tool operations, manual strength capacity, engineering designs of manual material handling interface and manual vehicle designs, age and experience effects in physical capacity. His pulling strength project was duplicated in Hong Kong University for the Chinese population.

His research activities are recognized by peers and he is currently serving as an associate editor for peer-review journal Applied Ergonomics. These experiences demonstrated his accomplishment in various areas of functional capacity and exposure assessment in various occupational settings.

Institute support

  • Collaborated with LCAS specialists in research projects (Wayne Maynard in one-handed pulling strength data collection, Dave Money in shoulder project).
  • Mentored two post-doc fellows 2008-2013. Dr. J. Boyer is currently with Boston Children’s Hospital, and Dr. J. Qin is now with CDC, NIOSH.
  • Hosted and mentored ASSE summer fellows 2009-2014. Dr. C. Harris-Adamson of UC-Berkley, now a professor at UC-Berkley. Dr. J. Young of U. Michigan at Ann Arbor, he is now a professor at Kettering University. Dr. Denny Yu of U. Michigan at Ann Arbor, he is now a professor at Purdue University. Finally, Dr. K. Chan of University of Wisconsin at Madison, she is now a professor at North Carolina State University.
  • Hosted national and international scholars for visits and knowledge exchange with the Institute staff (e.g., Dr. Wang of National Taiwan University, Dr. Chi of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Dr. Liu of University of Missouri-Rolla).
  • Drafted Institute Code of Ethics (2007-2008).
  • Organized internal panel discussion about journal manuscript decision process (2008, 2012).
  • Organized interim CPE monthly meetings prior to the Center Director position filled (2008).
  • Helped organizing IEA conference in slips, trips, and falls at Hopkinton, 2007.
  • Provided internal training seminar for Visual Basic and Softwire programming (2005).


External recognitions/services

  • Served as Scientific Editor for the journal Applied Ergonomics (2011-present).
  • Served as Associated Editor for the journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders (2009-2014).
  • Elected and served as the program chair for Safety Technical Group within HFES (2009-2011).
  • Invited as a panelist in a symposium about occupational biomechanics in upper extremity in the World Congress of Biomechanics (2014).
  • Invited as a panelist in a HFES annual meeting session about upper extremity ergonomics. Among the panelists were Dr. Armstrong, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Dr. Cochran, University of Nebraska; Dr. Freivalds, Penn State University; Dr. Radwin, University of Wisconsin at Madison; and Dr. Rempel, UC Berkeley (2010).
  • Gave a graduate seminar at Harvard University (2009)
  • Invited for a weeklong ergonomics workshop held in National Taiwan University, among the lecturers were Dr. Hsiao of NIOSH and Dr. Armstrong of University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (2009).
  • Organized international conference sessions.

Chaired and co-chaired for national and international conferences.

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