While anyone may respond by blogging, if you are an ex LMRIS employee, a visiting scholar, an ASSE Fellow or co-author your contribution to the actual site is welcome.  I anticipate most of the material will be organized alphabetically under the appropriate center research page

TBLPlease email me the content you would like to include plus, if possible, a thumbnail which I can use along with your name as a link.  If you do not wish for your name to appear just let me know.

Pictures and word.doc are easiest for me, but if the material is long, or available else- where on-line, or best of all if it is available for sharing from your own cloud storage then the web address is very easy to include in Word Press.  Multiple linked pages are fine and if you would like to add social photos to the section MP+ I’d be grateful if you could reduce file sizes to something appropriate for the web before you send them to me if at all possible.

Video cannot be directly included on the site – the work around is to send a shared link to your own cloud based stored video which seems to work well.

I do not intend to edit any contribution so, please, if you include opinion stay close to factual information and consider our standards of professional and personal discourse.