Center for Disability Research

In 1999 the CDR was established with the appointment of Glenn Pransky – expanding our efforts to reduce the burden of occupational injury.  In this way we were able to continue the legacy of the LM Rehab Center which, despite the valiant effort and great skills of everyone involved had outlived the business model necessary to support its efforts in rehabilitating Liberty’s insureds.

The Center conducted scientific research on the return-to-work process in order to reduce disability and promote safe and sustained return to work. CDR research scientists examined factors associated with work absence, re-injury, and post-injury job retention, as well as the impact of case management, clinical treatments, employer responses and accommodations, and other interventions on work disability outcomes. Findings help physicians, case managers, and employers better understand the disability process, improve return-to-work outcomes, and ultimately, enhance the quality of life for workers.

The contributions of many researchers embrace the whole field of return-to-work





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