This Website attempts to recognize the commitment of an Insurance Company  and its contributions to the reduction of the burden of work injuries on individuals, employers and the broader American society.

In pursuing this endeavor, I have consistently sought to avoid disparaging or defaming Liberty Mutual, its management, employees, publications, products, services, practices or reputation.  Indeed, the converse is true, for Liberty is a unique example of a corporation establishing a congruency between its reputation and the better good of both customers and non-customers.

The belief in the Liberty Creed, of helping people lead safer, more secure lives, was a touchstone in the careers of a group of very talented and committed staff the Company was fortunate enough to attract to the Research Institute in Hopkinton.  The results of the efforts of these people is only palely reflected on this site.

The site is committed to sharing a largely factual record of their achievements, where TBLopinion is offered, unless indicated otherwise, it is mine.

I truly appreciate the help of Peg who, in the best tradition of the Institute and unasked, took on  task of removing the numerous errors I had made – any which appear to have escaped her rigor are most likely additions made after she completed her review. If you recognize any remaining inaccuracies or errors, I would be grateful for the opportunity to correct them, for I believe our reputation should not be blemished by such.

The website is not supported by, nor any way represents itself be associated with, any corporate entity.

Tom Leamon