Liberty International & LMRIS

At the first meeting of the Institute with Liberty International ( LI), the total staff of LI met with the Director to discuss, at the suggestion of Ted Kelly, the role the Institute might play in international development.  There were three people in the room.

Over the next ten years, under the leadership of Tom Ramey, the symbiotic needs of LI to be branded as a global leader and that of LMRIS to shake off the epithet “it’s only an insurance company” lead to significant developments in each.  LMRIS became a significant player in Liberty’s entry, first  into Argentina in the startup of Liberty Seguros and, to a lesser degree, Colombia.  However the most significant cooperation was clearly in the multiyear process to obtain a license in China  and the subsequent work to replicate that in Vietnam.  Less significant efforts in the UK, Brazil, Portugal, Ireland and our relationships in  France and Germany served to cement our relationship with LI.