In 1996, the first use of the Institute to brand LM as the global leader in work-place safety was the result of an idea of a consultant, Steve CC?CC.  For the first, and last, time Liberty attempted (successfully as it turned out) to start up a company from scratch.  Argentina had recently passed a law requiring worker insurance, however as the years grace was due to expire – few if any employers had taken action, it became imperative for Liberty to rapidly establish a presence in  the market place so the idea of a conference targeting company officers and corporate medical officers was born.

As even Liberty Securos ART was unknown to many in Argentina, it was most likely that the Research Institute would not be much of a draw and consequently a Harvard/Liberty seminar was planned – Cuidar a la Gente es un Buen Negicio  (Taking Care of People is Good Business).  The resulting speakers were Joe Brain, David Christiani, Tom Leamon and BBIILL?? the meeting was chaired by the Dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Buenos Aires.  The project was successful if any indication of attendance is a measure:  once the

delegates started to arrive we had to postpone the opening until we moved the venue to the large ballroom.  In total, 350 Human Resource Directors and 200 physicians attended.

The PR response was a significant factor in the progress of Seguros and clearly owed more to its  badging by the Harvard School of Public Health than with the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety.

This was the germ which led to the much more significant efforts in China and in Viet Nam