This website is an attempt to record the efforts, contributions and successes of a remarkable group of people; researchers and support staff who, working  together, caused the name of the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety to be synonymous with the best of global efforts to reduce the economic, social and individual burden of occupational injury.

However, despite this achievement, earned over 65 years, the Research Institute, was closed with 60 days notice. 

This was in  sharp contrast with the then Chairman, CEO and President Ted Kelly who facilitated major expansions and who, at the opening of the last expansion in 2003 expressed his commitment:

LMRIS 50th 149


“…within these walls, we changed lives. We kept our promise and we honored our pledge to help people lead safer, more secure lives”



 I would like to thank the 34 people who have made the site much richer by their contributions and to apologize for the sparseness of the material in some areas.  If you are a past employee, visiting scholar, ASSE fellow, post-doc or collaborating scientist and have material you would like to add please go here.

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